Jose Marmolejo
Jose Marmolejo
“I am very happy with my surgery that Dr. Raja Dhalla did for me and also with staff members of the office. They are such great people, Andria, Javier, Margaret and the rest. Oh, and also Physical Therapy. Thank you everyone.”
Ana Carbajal
“Yo estoy muy contenta de a ver llegado aqui a la oficina del Dr. Raja Dhalla.  Durante 45 anos estube mal y hoy me siento mejor que nunca.  Doy gracias a dios y a mi doctor..”
Kevin Bowman
We love Dr. Raja Dhalla’s office. Our experience is great! We are very luck to have him for our surgeon. His office staff are very caring.

Michael Huddleston
When you injure yourself, you can’t help but wonder “Am I going to have a good doctor or not?” Well, don’t worry when you come to Dr. Raja Dhalla. He and his staff really know their stuff! Thank all of you for the excellent care!

Clint Hooper
My daughter was the first to use Dr. Raja Dhalla for a broken elbow, then a broken wrist. Then I hurt my knee for the 3rd time and Dr. Prabhu Dhalla did my surgery. My sister-in-law uses Dr. Raja Dhalla. This is the best Ortho center in the Riverside area. I’m very pleased with this staff and follow-up.

Lynn Brown
I have received excellent care from Dr. Prabhu Dhalla. The staff here are always warm, friendly and helpful. Both my hands required surgery and they are so much better now! Praise and thanks are all I have for Dr. Dhalla and his wonderful team!

Julian Carter
My overall experience with the Dhalla Orthopedic center has been immeasurable. The staff have treated me with a genuine warmth and compassion that exceeds my expected level of patient care. Dr. Prabhu Dhalla has a wealth of knowledge that he shared with me about my particular case and I felt that he encouraged me to do more research about it.

Anthony Vigil
I’ve had a pleasant experience at Dhalla Orthopedic center. Doctors and staff are very friendly and minimal waiting time on office visits. Dr. Prabhu Dhalla is my doctor.

Josephine Parra
When I started to see Dr. Prabhu Dhalla, I was in much pain. I had surgery and I feel much better. I recommend Dr. Dhalla for his efficiency as a surgeon and as a physician to every one.
Ryan Johnston
Staff at Dhalla Orthopedic center are courteous and are genuine towards you and the issues you are having. The doctors are great in answering your questions. I have felt comfortable during my experiences.
Simone Hill
Both Dr. Raja Dhalla and Prabhu Dhalla are wonderful. I saw senior years ago, lost contact with him. I was referred to Raja Dhalla atfer a full year of issues with healing. In my first meeting with Dr. Raja Dhalla, he took control of the situation but still allowed my input. I am now very quickly on the mend, just a few weeks and I am healed! Great! Fantastic! Wonderful doctors!!
Gregory Scott Sherrett
After 6 knee surgeries with 2 other surgeons in a span of 25 years, Dr. Raja Dhalla was the best of them. I hope he takes it as a compliment that I never have to come back into the office! Means that my surgery was a “success”!
Sean Ferrera
My experience with this Orthopedic center for tendo-achilles rupture has been superb. I am very thankful for the support, care and attention given me by Dr. Prabhu Dhalla.
Rita Hall
I would have had to wait until the fall of 2012 if Dr. Raja Dhalla did not work with the medical facility I have my insurance with. I am Dr. R. Dhallas’s first patient referred to him from another medical facility. Once referred to him, my surgery was scheduled and before 2 weeks I am walking. I am very thankful for the quick service and friendliness of his office staff.
Lawrence Fruge
I suffer from occasional bouts of osteoarthritis and gout in my left knee, which makes life unbearable. Both Dr. Raja and Dr. Prabhu Dhalla have correctly treated my flare ups for 100% improvement.
Lewanna Bankston
Dr. Prabhu Dhalla, Ernie and I would like to thank you for being our physician. Your talents and dedication to the patients you serve are wonderful for the community. We wish you the very best in all that you do.
Michele Amicone
I had a total knee replacement in May. Prior to that I had 5 surgeries on the knee over the course of several years. Dr Raja Dhalla is the best orthopedic surgeon I’ve seen through all my knee problems. Not only was the surgery a huge success, but Dr. Dhalla eased all my reservations both before and after surgery. It is amazing to be pain free after all these years. I am now looking forward to having my second knee replaced and would have no other doctor than Dr. Dhalla.
Jennifer Wells
My son was admitted to the hospital ER with a broken wrist. Dr. Prabhu Dhalla reassured us that everything would be ok. He talked with me regarding the entire surgery which was comforting and answered all questions. Our experience with Dr. Dhalla has been wonderful. I would recommend him to all family and friends.
Robert Young
The staff is very kind and aware of the seriousness of a knee operation. The operation went well without complication. Dr. Raja Dhalla visited me in the hospital and we discussed the operation. He also stayed in touch with me during my rehab in Hemet. I was able to walk by myself in about 5 days. I am at the 6 week period now and have regained almost all my movement. The scar from the operation has healed and is barely visible.
Frank Garcia
Dr. Raja Dhalla and his staff were always very professional. My hip surgery went unbelievable well, basically pain free. I only took my pain medication for 10 days just because, but I never felt any pain. I have recommended Dr. Dhalla to all that have talked to me about hip surgery.
Elizabeth Tarpein
Your staff has always been incredibly friendly and efficient. You are the only doctor I have ever had who has not kept his patients waiting and I so appreciate your regard and respect of my time. My surgery went exactly as you described and I am very pleased with the outcome. My scar has virtually disappeared! My sincere thanks to you and your staff.

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California Orthopaedic Association